There are two disasters that all of us are likely to experience in our lifetimes. Flood and fire disaster can hit any of us at any time no matter what time of the day or night or even certain times of the year. When these disasters hit us we need help to begin cleanup and access the damage. Anyone who lives in North County San Diego knows that the Oceanside breezes help to fuel the wildfires in Camp Pendleton, and you’ll be looking for the right company to help with fire damage cleanup as soon as possible. There are contractors that specialize specifically in fire damage cleanup. To help you understand if you are choosing the right company we will take a look at some of the things that you will need to consider to help you chose the right contractor for this unfortunate event.

The number one thing you will need to see from your contractor is his license and insurance. If all of his licenses are current that means that he and his crew has undergone the proper training to perform your fire damage cleanup as safely and quickly as possible. Periodic training and testing helps to insure that the contractor is up to date on the latest safety and work procedures. The insurance will help protect you against any type of damage that can happen during the cleanup process as well as keeping you from liability if someone is injured on your property during the cleanup.

Check to make sure that the tools and his equipment are in good shape and he is using the latest and best equipment to perform the task he is hired to do. If he has everything needed to perform the cleanup this will keep you from having to buy or rent the equipment yourself. If you see that he does not have everything he needs this is a mark against the contractor. It will cost you extra money to accomplish the task if you have to gather up the equipment need to accomplish the job. After all you hired a contractor to do the cleanup and it will also be his responsibility to stay current with all the permits required.

There is more to just tearing out the damaged materials and replacing with new materials. Fire damage materials will have a distinct odor. This odor will still be present even after the job is complete. Certain steps will need to be taken to seal and treat the materials that are not removed from the fire damage cleanup. Be sure the materials are treated during the process. This is an important step that some contractors may try to work around.

If you experience damage from the wildfires that occur each and every year in and around the Camp Pendleton area you will need a trusted and reputable contractor to help you get back on the right track. Ask the contractor a few simple questions pertaining to the things we have just mentioned to make sure you are hiring the right person for your cleanup, and feel free to contact us at ServPro Fallbrook / South Oceanside and we’d be glad to answer any other questions you may have. (760-451-0600)

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