In what appears to be the first time ever, celebrity Dr Nirvadha Singh’s daughter has made her official presence on Facebook under the fanpage “Suman’s Dance Production”.

Suman Dayanand, a highly talented Bollywood dancer from Durban, South Africa has been teacher to DocN’s little princess, Amayya. Suman, herself is a young artist who has choreographed several Bollywood shows in Durban and owns her own dance studio. According to Suman, DocN had been bringing the little princess for dance lessons. Amayya had learned dance steps to the songs, Udi Udi Jaye, Deewani Mastani and Radha on the dance floor, from the Bollywood blockbuster movies Raees, Bajirao Mastani, and Student of the Year respectively.

Suman went on to praise the little darling for being just 10 years old, stating Amayya is an excellent dancer! “She picked up the dance moves in a short period of time and I see Amayya growing her talent in the years to come. I know the doors of Bollywood are waiting for her!”

Suman informs that Dr Nirvadha is a very humble, down to earth and friendly person. The dance owner says that Amayya definitely has a super cool mum and role model to look up to. Well despite DocN’s busy schedule of medicine and movies, we too think she is a super cool supermom and now to wait for little Amayya to rock us with her dance moves!