The love from a child can never be hidden as superstar author Dr Nirvadha Singh’s daughter writes a soulful letter to mommy dearest. In the cutest handwriting, little Amayya thanks her mommy for spoiling her and taking care of her. She then writes to super mommy. ‘I love you to the moon and back’. The simply charismatic doctor is said to be inspiring her princess to become a writer.

The sweet letter the little princess wrote to her supermom.

Singh is known to be a driver of women empowerment and girl child education. She had written several columns on the importance of educating girls in the community. One of her columns stresses that basic reading of instructions can prevent hazards at home namely the consumption of incorrect medication and electrical dangers. Singh also stated that to be able to read meant you can also read recipe books and understand the mathematic measurements for cooking.

Dr Singh is currently working on her first movie and previous sources inform that the script is a powerful one along with a social cause story line. One can only admire her strong sense of family with a balance of her career.