Celebrity Nutritionist Penny Foskaris is making a special appearance on Your Best Self TV show, airing Sunday, April 2nd, 11am EST, on WLNY/CBS.

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 27, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Celebrity Nutritionist Penny Foskaris (Foskaris Wellness, owner) is the official go to for everything anti-aging, wellness, longevity and more. She is leaving an impact on everyone who visits her luxury wellness center mentally and physically. With state of the art equipment to help you look and feel your best. Foskaris Wellness hosted several successful Relax, Reset, Recharge events in 2022 and continues hosting and wowing supporters at her relaxing spa. Penny is also appearing as a VIP guest on Your Best Self TV show, airing Sunday, April 2nd (11am EST, on WLNY/CBS). On the show she revealed her red light pro devices are now available to purchase and use in the convenience of your own home or travel. She’s excited to help more people utilize the red light therapy outside of the center.

Recent events by Foskaris Wellness included: several celebrity VIP Relax, Reset, Recharge events, as well as a Ribbon Cutting and Toy Drive to benefit Children’s Hospital, “The Science of Photobiomodulation”, A chat about ongoing research in Light Therapy and Brain Health (a lunch and learn event with presenter Dr. Dung Trinh, MD.), among other events Penny has helped host and/or emcee. In 2023, Penny plans to host more wellness events as well as women’s empowerment and corporate events. Penny heads the membership committee for NAWBO OC.

Celebrity clients include: Joy Villa, Kate Linder, El DuBois, Jazz Hill, Victoria Scott, Megan Herbst, Jonathan Reiger, Victoria Savage, Krystina Bailey Brawer, Lynne Pham, Eric Russell, Sandi Margolis, Kimberly Houston, Cedric Houston, Vanessa Khan, Keyla Wood, Joy Parris, among others… You may also bump into the Real Housewives of OC and Beverly Hills stars from time to time..

This is what her celebrity clients are saying:

“Foskaris Wellness is an amazing place. Their Red Light therapy bed is terrific. I especially liked their scan that tells you what foods that your body is sensitive to.” ~Kate Linder

“I had such a refreshing and rejuvenating experience at Penny Foskaris’s Wellness Center. What a great way to start the new year! And I am happy to say that a couple of pounds of fat has come off since I did the red light therapy. I will definitely be going back!” ~Actor-Jonathan Regier

“The wellness services & staff were absolutely amazing! We learned so much & left feeling relaxed & rejuvenated” ~Author-EL DuBois

“I felt my experience was an incredible learning experience for the health and well-being of my body. I actually gained more insight than anything when it came to taking the In-Body Test as well as my bio survey on foods harmful to my body. I was completely unaware of the details as far as what’s needed for maintaining my health and well-being. This wellness center’s other services came to be a cherry on top for myself as far as the self care and treatment to my body after learning what I may desire or need for it.” ~Actress-Jazz Hill

“I absolutely loved it! Penny and her team were incredible. I couldn’t believe how in just one day my back was feeling so much better! My favorite was the food sensitivity exam. Since meeting Penny I am already practicing what she taught me! The best place to go for sure! Thank you Foskaris Wellness!” ~Vanessa Torres, CEO, RYM Network

“I enjoyed numerous treatments which included a full body Red Light Sculpting Bed which tightens the body and face. We could all use that. I received Amped Muscle Sculpting for the stomach and buttocks which tightens those hard-to-tighten areas. I needed that too! I guess I needed the works! I would highly recommend the Foskaris Wellness Center. I was treated like the princess we are!” ~Sandi Margolis/Beverly Hill Realtor

More about Foskaris Wellness

The mission at Foskaris Wellness is to provide their clients with the best possible solutions so they can achieve their health and wellness goals quickly. Using Penny’s proprietary methodology combined with cutting-edge technology, Penny creates individualized plans for each and every person helping them feel their very best.

To encourage optimal health and wellness they offer: Scans for visceral fat, lifestyle assessments, digestion, food sensitivities. Relaxation services are included to enhance overall wellness, restful sleep and reduce stress-related ailments. Most people can’t remember the last time they felt so rested after spending time at Foskaris Wellness. In addition to providing Nutritional Guidance, Nutritionist Penny Foskaris, uses her proven proprietary method to reignite the metabolism at any age to help her clients stop struggling with weight loss. Her holistic anti-aging wellness center also offers a variety of services such as Visceral Fat Scans, Memory Testing, a Full body Red Light Bed for Longevity, Anti-Aging, Non-Invasive Fat Melting and Skin Tightening for the full body and face. They also offer Amped Muscle Sculpting to build Muscle (30 minutes is equivalent to 28,000 sit-ups or squats) and so much more.

With her methods Penny has helped over 1500 people lose fat and keep it off for good.

The best part is that everyone is invited in for a free consultation, and they will give the gift of wellness to you and your family members with a Relaxation Room Session, memory scan, visceral fat scan, a body composition analysis, ($97 value) plus 10% off all packages & memberships, so you can start your spring with the gift of health & wellness. Call Foskaris Wellness at 714-340-0038 or go to the website to schedule a free consultation. Official website: Foskaris Wellness

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