is the latest binary options trading software out in the market. While most of the other binary trading options software and websites have been proven to be scams and duping unsuspecting customers, while doing our Neo2 Review auto trading app, we found it to be significantly different from the rest in the pack.

Neo2_autotrading_software-300x106Before doing the review we tested the app for a long period of over 3 months and were fortunate to have been given the opportunity to do so, before even the site went live.

The founders of neo2 had announced a success rate of whopping 86%. We were amazed as well as a bit sceptical of this figure. But while using the app, we achieved high returns on 82% of all our investments.

Given the tall claims by almost all the brokers and investment agencies, a margin of error of 3% is next to nothing and it left us quite impressed with the software as well as its founders who have put in lots of efforts in terms of time as well as money is developing this auto trading app.

Since its launch, the neo2 software has been free to use and sign-up but it requires a registration with a broker and the minimum amount of investment has been set to $250.

This has led to many people wondering why such an amazing and incredible software such as the Neo2 is offered for free. Unlike Mike’s AT and since Michael Freeman is not the sole owner of this software, NEO2 is not going to remain free forever. It’s currently offered for free ONLY to members of Mike’s group members since that was the deal Michael made with them before starting this project. And if you create an account now, you will get to keep your account even when the software is not accessible anymore for the general public.

Dr. Jack Piers, the CEO and one of the initial founding members of Neo2, said that on initial testing on auto trade mode, we started seeing results of an 85% win rate!” According to these beta test results, you are supposed to win 8 out every 10 trades the NEO2 auto trader takes for you. In terms of profits, they are estimating that users can make up to $4,000 per week using NEO2. A little warning is in place here. If you are using this software with just one broker, you won’t be able to generate $4,000 per week. As I explain elsewhere, brokers may deactivate accounts that start generating more than $100-300 per day with automated trading apps. And it’s completely legal for them to do that because formally, they do not allow the use AutoTraders like NEO2. You could maybe make the $4,000 figure mentioned in the introductory video if you were using the software on a demo account without broker intervention. If you’re signing up with just one broker, you can expect to make up to $1,500 per week. Our recommendation: If you’re happy with the software after trying it with one broker account, open an additional account with a different broker and this way it will be possible for you to double your profits.

The verdict on whether a product is good or not always comes to the user, in this case, the trader. However, we can assure that all the traders using the neo2 trading app will have the time of their lifetime with the newly built trading bot. The entire idea behind the new algorithm was to minimise the possibility of losing an investment to its lowest probability.