Requirements imposed on division and control systems have even become more complicated in line with the diversification of the demand for electricity. Power system protection deals with the safety of electrical power systems from error by isolating faulty parts from rest of the electrical network. A protective relay is a relay tool designed to trip a circuit breaker when any kind of fault is detected. The ultimate goal is to keep the remaining power system stable by promptly isolating only the parts that are faulty, while leaving rest of the network as much as possible still in operation.


Therefore, to guarantee a consistent operation, it is significant that the protective relays are properly maintained, controlled and regularly tested. Presently the protection relays require a high level of complicated test software and hardware to entirely analyse the functioning of the unit in a real life condition. This is possible only with the comprehensive line of relay test equipment and for that edsd is one of the most leading companies that provide assistance to many. They are working day and night to ensure system protection and reliability.

With the advancement of technology and industry in this present time these protection systems are built using the microprocessors this technology has brought a revolution in the field and thus are the reason behind the increase in the efficiency of processing power and speed. The basic purpose of these protection relays is to identify a problem, preferably during its primary stage, and to either eradicate it or appreciably reduce damage to the people or to the equipment. An electrical problem develops when conductors having good insulation are exposed to fault initiators such as chemicals, dust, moisture, overloading and vibration or just to normal deterioration, the insulation slowly starts to deteriorate.  Problem becomes more severe, further changes take place such as the insulation will start to slowly deteriorate due to overheating or over voltage. So such change when occur that are the reason behind the major changes from normal to abnormal circumstances, at this point different kinds of protective relays software and monitoring systems can be used to reduce or eliminate a damage because they detect problems at a very initial stage in advance rather than the old traditional devices.

The relay helps in measuring the input and allows the user to program limits into the relay. The settings usually are more sensitive than the fuses or circuit breakers. Once these limits exceeds, the protection relay will function as an internal switch. The user has the option to use the switch to turn on an alarm indication or to remove power (trip) before a greater problem occurs.