Hoverboards, the hottest modern gadgets of this year are highly in- demand among the people, especially the kids. These two-wheeled motorized scooters have skyrocketed their reputation and fame in a very short time. But, before you buy hoverboard, take a look at different wheel sizes so that you can decide what hoverboard you want.


Wheel Size Of Hoverboard

6 to 7.5 inches

Before choosing any hoverboard, you have to think about its wheel size that what is the optimum wheel size of the hoverboard you require?

A hoverboard has small wheel sizes that are about 6 to 7.5 inches so that it is more efficient and lighter in size. This is particularly useful if the surfaces are smooth, but if there are uneven surfaces and wheels separate from the ground, then the smaller wheels will spin and upon regaining contact with the ground, a jerk is expected that can create problems for the users in controlling the board.

So, to avoid this loss of control and be balanced and safe, drive slowly over uneven services. These hoverboards are small and hence are also categorized as the cheap hoverboards.

8 inches

Now, there are two more wheel sizes introduced in the market that are 10 inches and 8 inches. The higher wheel size like 8 inches will surely increase the stability while conserving its relatively compact and small form factor.

10 inches

While if you choose the 10 inches’ wheel size, you can easily handle off-roading too. You will have fewer issues on the uneven surfaces with a larger wheel size.

Airwheel’s 11.6 – 14 inches’ wheel size

The size of AirWheel is particularly largest around 11.6 to 14 inches. This wheel size can handle the uneven surfaces with great ease, but the particular difference is that it has only one wheel, and this fact further strengthens the advantage, and you will probably face no issues related to control at all on the uneven surfaces.

Additional Disadvantages With Airwheel: Airwheel has this particular disadvantage that the users of Air Wheel can lose their ride in between the legs and then jump up to the pavements from the road level. This cannotbe done with a single wheel.So, this will not probably be the best hoverboard if you are looking for stability and lesser issues related to control.They may be expensive, but you can search to see if you can find a simple Hoverboard for sale.

Other Features To Look For

This was just about the wheel sizes of hoverboards. However, you must look for some other features too that include the weight hoverboard can handle, additional features like abuilt-in speaker, GPS and much more. Thus, search for the features carefully and select the one that is in accordance with all the set feature requirements.

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