Dr. See Love is an Author, Speaker, Life Coach and Dean. She has 16 years of professional motivational speaking in Education, 17 years of study in the field of Spiritual Psychology, and 23 years in Social Services. Love is now empowering business professionals to embrace who they are and live their best life.

Earlier this month, Love celebrated the release of her new audio book “The ABC’s Of Loving Each Day” with a meet and Greet at Pip’s On La Brea in Los Angeles, California. Guests had a one-on-one opportunity to meet and congratulate Love on the release of her new audio book. Guest included Councilmember Curren D. Price Jr., Pip’s On La Brea owner Derrick Pipkin, and many others.

The book is an expert guide for individuals to move beyond the state of inner confusion and turmoil with ease and grace to inner peace. This FREE motivational self-help audio book is available online at SoundCloud.com. It promises to be a new perspective on goal setting, realizing your potential, living a happier, breaking through roadblocks, developing healthier thoughts, meditation techniques, positive attitude, and so much more.

In conjunction with Dr. See Love’s new audio book, she is offering free 1 hour webinars scheduled in the month of July and October 2016. For more information contact Dr. See Love through her website at www.DrSeeLove.com.

This FREE motivational self-help audio book is available online at www.soundcloud.com/dr-see-love/sets/the-abcs-of-loving-each-day.