Ladi Anne is a Brazilian singer-songwriter and audio-visual creator. Marion Crampe is a French dancer. What these two women have in common?

The gift to deeply touch the hearts of an audience even from thousand of miles apart.

Ladi Anne and Marion got together in Los Angeles, in September 2017, to collaborate on the project “Villas”, an emotional piano composition written by Ladi in honor of her late father.

The video starts with Ladi narrating “The most exciting day of my elementary school graduation trip. A teacher had told me that she found a piano for me to play in one of the rooms”, accompanied by dark and mysterious ambient sounds to give contrast to her bright words. In the video, she then stands from the platform where she was sitting and walks in the direction of a white rustic piano, as her narrating voice gives in the soul of the story “But when I walked into that room, I found no piano. I found my grandma and my best friend crying. They were there to take me back home. He’d left”. Followed right by a very strong piano hit, where the song powerfully starts, as Marion flies, creating circles in the air, weightlessly holding her pole.

At this moment the dance is on, the song is on and these two woman are delivering a true show of dedication, emotion, passion and art in its purest form.

The world got completely moved by their souls exposed in that piece of art. The video made it to some biggest media in the world soon after its release, such as Buzzfeed, FOX, CBN and more.

To read Ladi’s personal story about this project, please go to her website
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