Los Angeles, CA, July 25, 2017 –(PR.com)– Only 27 percent of college graduates in the United States have a career related to their college majors if a recent report finding by the Washington post is to go by. In another survey by Career Builder, a whopping 51 percent of employed college graduates confessed that their jobs have very little to do with their college majors. Unfortunately, on average, a 2016 college graduate owes the government more than $37,000 on student loans. Certainly, the students need a guide to help them choose college majors that are perfect fits for their talents, skills, and interests. Majorfit.com, a leading publisher of student assessment tools, has launched a program that will help the students make informed decisions when choosing college majors. The program consists of some self-administered assessments that will effectively guide students to determine what careers will be most relevant to their strengths.

"Many high school students work relentlessly for the 4.0+ GPA, yet most of them do not know what major they want to choose, and very few take time to explore the viable career options. Consequently, the college dropout rate has reached 38 percent and a greater percentage change their majors before finishing their college programs,'' says Majorfit’s Co-Founder, Sara Park. “Considering the high cost of tuition in both public and private universities, the undecided bright young minds often waste a fortune and valuable time pursuing courses they won’t practice. The need to guide them when choosing the majors is urgent. Majorfit.com will help them decide majors that lead to realistic careers.”

Another Co-Founder, Steven Choi says, “We use Big data analysis to find student’s suitability and strength. That’s totally different approach than any traditional personality test.”

According to Choi, no special requirements are needed to take the self-administered assessments; any student can do them. The tests can be taken online, and results are instant and self-interpreted. All they need is a computer and an internet connection to access the website.

The Majorfit assessments are based on the fact that graduates tend to work in environments that are realistic, enterprising, social and more importantly relevant to their skills. The tests are structured to help the students determine their competencies and aspirations concerning the occupational information available in their database so that they can easily relate their skills with viable college majors. Majorfit aptitude test (MAT) is developed by big data analysis based on recent brain research and epistemology. This is why interpretations of the results are significantly different from most psychological theorized tests such as the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

The new website has now been brought up-to-date with thousands of jobs at all skill and education levels as well as data collected from over 500,000 cases of interviews and tracking records. The interface works well on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

For more information on the program, visit their website https://majorfit.com/

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Majorfit inc is a top developer of self-assessment tools and learning materials. For the time it has been in service, it has helped thousands of people with innovative self-test solutions. With a qualified team onboard, through a unique program, the site aims to guide college students understand their aptitudes so that they can choose majors most suitable for their strengths.

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