The Really Easy Diet helped its designer lose 70 pounds (31 kilos) in just 5 months by only eating and drinking what he enjoyed! That’s the equivalent of a packed suitcase and a car tyre and it can help you too.

WISBECH, ENGLAND, August 25, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Looking for weight loss programs that work? The Really Easy Diet is the answer! It’s a new ground-breaking way to lose weight. In just 7 emailed lessons it teaches you all you need to know to control your weight. Each lesson has simple tasks to get you started and then advice to build on that success.

The Really Easy Diet creator Tony Hetherington is confident it will work for you as he used it himself and lost 70 pounds in 5 months – that’s 31 kilos – the equivalent of a packed suitcase and a car tyre!

He says, “there’s no need to spend money on gym memberships or special meals or endlessly count calories. This really is the easy way to lose weight.” He’s now releasing it to help others and hopes to replace the usual diet misery and failure with weight loss happiness!

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He devised it himself when he quickly realised other solutions wouldn’t work for him. “There was no way I was going to risk diet pills, pay to go to a gym or face the public humiliation of diet classes!”

He realised that there had to be a better way and made a staggering discovery – losing weight is actually really easy when you take away the barriers to success!

For example, he noticed that most diets fail because people on them feel miserable and give up when the feeling they’re missing out overpowers their need to lose weight. The solution became one of his diet rules. “I will only eat or drink what I enjoy!”

Another problem he addressed was diet or exercise plans don’t tell you how to start so giving a daily target of running 1K is no use for those who can’t remember that last time they ran at all!

“The thought of running 1 K was just beyond my comprehension and so I would give up before I even started. With my approach, I tell you how to take those vital first steps and build from there.”

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The Really Easy Diet is a 7 lesson e-class that teaches all you need to know about losing weight. It was developed by Tony Hetherington when he realised that losing weight could actually be easy and used the plan to lose 70 pounds (31 kilos) in just 5 months. He is now publishing it to help others enjoy weight loss success.

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