Which seems to answer the daunting question “Why does Trump talk and act the way he does?” Chef Mendeff teams up with Zaytoven and takes on the role of a conspiracy theorist suggesting that Trump has a custom strand of weed that he smokes hence the reason for his sporadic and insulting behavior. This fun track has an array of lyrical nuances and hot melodies to keep fans engaged.

This song is not meant to disrespect nor represent a political view.

Chef Mendeff is a hip hop artist from South Central Los Angeles, California. Growing up, he chose music as a positive distraction in order to shy away from the vices around him. Before making a decision to focus on his music career, his passion for cooking lead him to become a Professional Chef. Chef Mendeff brands his music as “Feel good music”. His music is always channeled to provide positive vibes, hope, and encouragement as he keeps his content entertaining, informing, and educating. Chef Mendeff delivers catchy lyrics in a manner that best suits the message. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE…WELCOME TO CHEF MENDEFF.