Skye is a short film starring Ximena Casillas (The Long Way), Matt Gottlieb (The Representative), Jake Fortner and Sam Marra (A Leading Man). This film follows the story of a young girl, Skye, living through the nightmare of her own kidnapping.   Although only a short, the twists and turns of the characters and relationships in this film makes it a must see thriller for this year.

Skye was written and produced by first-timer Ximena Casillas and directed by credited filmmakers Fernando Ramirez and Justin Dickey and I was recently privileged to have a sneak peek of the film. After watching Skye I walked away almost in shock of the world’s harsh realities. The film demonstrates a reflection of our societies consistent strive for survival: what is right, what is wrong and what we want; sometimes gets compromised.

“I wanted to create a story that depicted how complex our concept of right and wrong can be. It’s so personal” said Casillas when asked about the film. “But there is a point when you need to look at any situation you are in and think what would cause the greatest good. I think that’s the best way to make a choice and that’s what this film is about; the power each of us have when making choices.”

Skye is a short film starring Ximena Casillas (The Long Way)

Skye is currently being submitted to numerous film festivals in the US and internationally and is expected to Premiere in Los Angeles and in Mexico later this year. “Early audiences have loved the film and we can’t wait to let her run into the wild. The movie has a strong message and a strong feminine identity in the character of Skye. Go deeper and you’ll see references to current social issues that are relevant and that anyone can relate to. Trust me when I say we are looking forward to the premiere and starting the festival circuit soon.” said director Fernando Ramirez in a recent interview.

Skye already has created a lot of buzz here in the US and in Mexico making its international release date anticipated by many.

By Rachel Moore