Many actors are fascinating people and based on the fact that they play so many different characters, their life must be very diversified and exciting. How cool is that?

Take Sarah Josephine Bosch, for instance. Exactly, she’s that beautiful actress from Switzerland with German roots. She’s the one you saw in movies like “The Game of Love”, “Chair”, “Hypnosis”, “Riding Lessons” and of course, “Wrong Train”.

Sarah’s love for performing arts had already begun during her childhood days. She remembered a feeling of excitement when she got up on stage for the first time, and from that moment on, she was in love with acting. Even though Sarah considers herself to be an actress and has achieved so much in such a short time, she is involved in different types of performance activities other than the stage. She is comfortable in front of any camera, in front of a microphone and in front of a still camera as a model.

Sarah is always pursuing perfection in all the creative and artistic possibilities of life, and what is truly admirable about Sarah is that she can adapt her acting “instrument,” which is her entire body, soul, and mind, into just any character she wants to portray. She played lead roles in quite a few films, in the movie “Sarah” she plays a terrified teenager who gets chased by a bloodthirsty vampire. Her facial expression as regards to fear is so genuine, and her timing in each scene is simply on point. Another movie, which challenged Sarah in a lead role, was “Je ne regrette rien”. Her aptitudes allowed her to become a thirty-five-year-old psycho killer with disturbed emotional expressions. In “The Beggar” she played the role of a homeless woman. This was one of her favorite lead roles, because of all the experience she gained. She also got to know what it means to survive on the streets and how humiliating it is to beg for money, with some amazing transformations. She is a remarkably talented actress.

But talent alone is not enough anymore, and actresses like Sarah need to work even harder in order to achieve their goals. Sarah had a lot of acting training and got trained under the steady guidance of Daytime Emmy Award Winner and TV Producer Michael Laibson among others.

Sarah is a very demanded actress these days. She is working with some of the best creative minds in New York City, and she is co-producing her first movie.

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