Irvine, CA, December 15, 2017 –(– New tech startup in Orange county, California takes the pain out of buying residential solar systems.

OneClick Solar Inc. announced today that is live and is a one of a kind consumer site for solar in Southern California.

“OneClickSolar is making solar more affordable than you think,” stated Shane Shamloo, President and CEO. “Customers are in complete control of the process without the bothersome calls from pushy salespeople.”

OneClick offers customers anonymous browsing and the choice of several packages of Tier 1 equipment. Customers receive instant quotes from the easy to navigate site by just entering basic information before having to provide personal contact information. Customers can research products at their leisure and decide what choices are right for them.

In the age of electric vehicles and IOT devices quickly becoming integrated in our homes people are looking for more ways to stay green and reduce energy bills. Millions of people want solar panels for their home but don’t know where to start or what they need. People just know they don’t want to pay for electricity and they just want solar panels. How do you know what you need and how can you be sure your contact information won’t be sold to the highest bidder?

Enter OneClickSolar, a tech startup company based in Irvine California. This innovative website takes the guess work out of purchasing solar for your home. With OneClickSolar homeowners are walked through a simple interface, customizing free quotes for their home and energy usage in minutes. “It’s like buying internet or cable services for your home. Customers are presented with solar packages that they can choose from.” – Michael Salvati, Vice President at OneClickSolar.

OneClickSolar packages include full A-Z service from start to finish. Perspective buyers don’t need to worry about their information being shared, as OneClickSolar does not sell leads or contact info to third party companies unlike the competition. At first glance there are a few sites that say they can help consumers get into solar with free instant quotes, but when you look into them you find that they’re just lead generation or bidding sites, often leaving you waiting for a callback or quote.

As people are becoming tech savvy and prefer online purchases, the company saw that the traditional method of home consultations and phone calls from sales people weren’t effective. People are used to doing things online on their own and OneClickSolar makes this possible for solar. They are the first online solar company offering a full service while making it easy, much like a similar car website that compares local automotive pricing.

OneClickSolar wants to ensure that all homeowners can navigate their solar power system purchase on their own, at their leisure and from whatever device they prefer. If they have questions or need help they can contact online chat, phone support and there are many informative pages on their blog.

About OneClickSolar Inc.
OneClick Solar Inc. is a startup in Irvine California with a mission to make solar more affordable. OneClickSolar is a residential solar e-commerce portal offering the consumer multiple solar quotes using top tier products and reputable installers from its network.
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