Exedir’s Innovative Program Paves the Way for SME CEOs to Overcome Challenges and Thrive in the Digital Age

MIAMI, FL, August 07, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Exedir’s new Online Business Leader Excellerator program aims to empower struggling SME CEOs by addressing the root causes of business failure and helping them achieve sustainable success through a combination of coaching, mentoring, and training.

A staggering 33.2 million small businesses account for 99.9% of all U.S. businesses. A shocking 50% of these newly established companies are likely to fail within their 5 five years of operation while the rest are barely keeping their heads above water.

The most frequently reported reasons for this problem are a lack of market demand and a lack of capital. But, according to business expert Ugo Nuvoloni, the root of the problem lies squarely on the shoulders of the CEOs and their Exec team.

Due to their lack of experience, knowledge, and business acumen, these CEOs are unable to organize and direct their businesses effectively. It is common for traditional education and master’s programs to fail to prepare CEOs for the challenges of the real world because they focus more on theory than on the practical skills necessary for effective leadership and management. This is where Ugo Nuvoloni, the founder & CEO of Exedir comes in.

Ugo Nuvoloni is offering the Business Leader Excellerator, a coaching, mentoring, and training online program designed to address the unique challenges faced by SME CEOs who are feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and stuck in the operational struggles of their companies, unable to grow their businesses over six figures.

With a promise to empower small to medium-enterprise (SME) CEOs and owners to regain control of their businesses, foster exponential growth, and improve work-life balance, this comprehensive program takes a comprehensive approach to handle all of the above. It acknowledges the deep-rooted beliefs and mindset of CEOs, providing not just practical strategies but also encouraging a shift toward sustainable success.

The creator and leading mentor of the program, Nuvoloni says: “CEOs are currently struggling with multiple pressures – from disorganized processes and missed targets to high staff turnover, lack of sales, and customer complaints. But what we have also noticed is that beneath these operational challenges, they are often lacking experience, knowledge, and business sense. Our program aims to address these challenges from the bottom up.”

To resolve these issues collectively, Business Leader Excellerator utilizes a unique blend of traditional and lateral thinking techniques. Its goal is to help business owners analyze and tackle their issues from various angles, fostering innovation and growth. The program is designed to instill empowering beliefs, helping these leaders to create efficient, organized, and harmonious work environments.

“What sets our coaching, mentoring, and training program apart, is our focus on the business and individual behind the business. We know that these leaders are committed, passionate, and driven to create value for customers and contribute to society positively. This is the reason our program doesn’t just aim to fix operational issues; it aims to reignite that passion, ease the pressures, and help these leaders achieve the balance they seek.” says Ugo Nuvoloni.

Participants of the Business Leader Excellerator will have the opportunity to learn how to streamline processes, effectively manage and motivate their team, handle customer complaints skillfully, and much more. More importantly, they will be equipped to sustain these changes long after the program ends.

According to Nuvoloni, “Our goal is to help CEOs and business owners transition from being ‘stuck’ in their businesses to truly leading their companies to new heights. Our reward is seeing the transformations they achieve and the impact it ultimately makes on their life.”

Are you ready to move forward? Learn more about the Business Leader Excellerator Mentoring Program at exedir.com. Early registration is recommended as spots are very limited and all available seats tend to fill up fast.

Exedir is a trusted provider of coaching, mentoring, and leadership training. With a commitment to empowering SME CEOs and owners, Exedir has been helping businesses thrive since 2007.

Ugo Nuvoloni – Ing. MBA – Exedir Founder and CEO, has 25 years of experience as a direct CEO international in several industries and markets.

This brand new Business Leader Excellerator Program offers comprehensive mentoring and coaching programs from leaders who have “been there and done that”. It aims to continuously innovate and inspire leaders toward breakthrough success while addressing their unique challenges.

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