Dusty Cars, California’s top classic car appraiser and buyer, is announcing a new post on a culture shift. Baby Boomers trying to sell a 1960s Porsche in California can learn how to sell a 1960s classic Porsche for cash fast.

PLEASANTON, CA, July 30, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dusty Cars, California’s top-rated vintage car buyer at https://dustycars.com/, is proud to announce a new post. The children of the 1960s “counterculture” are aging, and many could be interested in how to sell a 1960’s Porsche in California. The company can help owners access the value of a vintage 1960s Porsche and provide a fair price.

“At some point, we see ourselves moving on to another phase in life and need to let go of things from our past. For some Boomers, this may include selling their classic sports car like a 1960s Porsche,” explained Douglas Berry, founder of Dusty Cars. He continued, “These are special cars, and they deserve the proper care when it’s time to sell them. We’re here as the top Porsche buying service in California.”

California Residents can review the new post by Dusty Cars at https://dustycars.com/news/the-california-counterculture-and-porsche-share-a-long-history/. Americans from the Baby Boomer generation may be ready to sell vintage cars from the 1960s. Dusty Cars provide cash offers for classic sports cars such as Porsche, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, and Ferrari. The company can also evaluate and buy vintage luxury automobiles such as Aston Martin, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, and Bentley. Dusty Cars will travel across state lines from California to help assess the condition of a classic car and provide a fair price. Interested persons can review “How to sell a 1960s Porsche in California ” on the brand-specific page at https://dustycars.com/makes/porsche/.

Dusty Cars can buy and restore classic cars to a near-original condition. Persons ready to sell a beloved vintage sports car or classic luxury auto can contact the team at https://dustycars.com/contact/.


Here is the background on this release. Americans of the so-called “Baby Boomer” Generation, which includes the years from 1946 – 1964, may be ready to find out how to sell a 1960’s Porsche in California. A typical dealership might not be the right place to find out how much a classic 1960s Porsche 911 is worth. A dealer could reject a classic car that isn’t in prime condition or might not evaluate the price correctly when making an offer. A top team of classic car experts, in contrast, can help evaluate the actual value of a classic car and offer a fair price on the spot. Baby Boomers or older Generation X vintage car owners can receive help to sell a beloved classic car for the best price possible.


Dusty Cars are California’s top classic car buyer. The company buys classic cars offering top prices, free evaluations, and best-in-class cash offers. The company focuses on truly “classic” vehicles such as classic Porsches, classic Jaguars (especially the Jaguar E-series), and classic Mercedes. It buys classic Alfa Romeos, Fords, Chevys, and Toyotas, depending on year and condition. Persons who want to sell a classic car fast and fair are encouraged to visit the website and contact a vintage car specialist for a cash offer.
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