It is time to leave your pandemic stress behind and delve into the engrossing action-packed fiction novel by Daviel C. Davis that guarantees to transport you to another world.

EIK RIVER, MN, May 10, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The practice of using books as a form of therapy has helped humans for centuries. Reading fiction taps into one’s creativity and helps to grow their capacity for empathy. Raiders is a fiction novel encapsulating adventure and confrontation. It is a compelling story of two planets; Thebe, a peace-loving planet, and Rhea, a fighter planet. The story unfolds as Thebe encounters an attack from the fighter planet to acquire gold.

Stealing the spotlight in this fictional masterpiece is Frank who plays the role of a freight carrier. As an orphan who grows up in an abusive foster home, Frank seeks refuge in a ship. The general welcomes Frank with open arms and allows him to dwell on the ship for shelter but soon leaves the ship with Frank after he gets diagnosed with cancer.

Let the mystery unravel by getting your hands on a copy of Raiders. You can also find an e-book at the online store.

If you are in need of some escapism and looking for ways to alter your state of mind, you must get your hands on a copy of Raiders written by Daniel C. Davis.

About the author:
Daniel C. Davis is a 65-year-old star trek fan, who loves sci-fi. His vibrant imagination in combination with his love for this genre, allows him to escape into the faraway places and hidden realms of endless possibilities. The retired forklift driver who works part-time spends most of his time pouring down his sci-fi fantasies in the form of super-engaging books for readers. Daniel C. is extremely devoted to his new motive and wishes to make his dreams come to life.

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